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Reaffirmation of Vows

A vow renewal is quite simply a celebration of your marriage after the fact. It’s a beautiful way of showing the world you feel the same way about your partner as the day you first married them. Whether its 1 year or 75 years later or anything in between, there is no such thing as ‘too soon’ or ‘too late’ when it comes to reaffirming your vows. Some people choose to reaffirm their vows after pushing through a tough period in their lives or relationship and there is literally no wrong reason to renew your vows. Some couples choose to renew their vows every year, its all down to the individual couple themselves and what feels right for them.

Some couples choose to have an intimate reaffirmation ceremony, inviting just close family and friends while others opt for a large party to celebrate this milestone in their relationship!

A reaffirmation ceremony is always full of warmth, fun and laughter and can be celebrated exactly as you wish. Some brides choose to wear their original wedding dress again to re-live their special wedding day while other couples opt for relaxed attire in a casual setting. Grooms often wear their original wedding suit for the same reason as brides and their wedding dresses, while members of the military often wear their uniforms on the reaffirmation day. I actively encourage you to wear and do whatever feels most comfortable for you based on your own taste and the formality and style of the celebration you have planned.

A reaffirmation of vows ceremony is a beautiful way to really think about how much you and your partner mean to each other, and the positive benefits your relationship has on your life as a whole. They produce some extremely tender and emotional moments, especially for couples whose wedding day was a long time ago. After both partners have spoken, rings are exchanged once more.

A reaffirmation of vows ceremony is similar to a wedding ceremony however as it may have been some time since your first ceremony, I’ve added the typical structure of a renewal ceremony below. Vow renewal ceremonies can be heavily customised for you but overall, they are comprised of the same critical steps, each with its own purpose and meaning.

Fundamental Parts of the Vow Renewal Ceremony


The processional is the start of the vow renewal ceremony. All attendees and the couple (if desired) will walk down the aisle to music.


Immediately following the processional, I welcome the guests to the ceremony.

Exchange of Vows

The vows are the emotional and tender part of the vow renewal ceremony. This is where you and your spouse will reflect upon your years together and make or renew promises to each other about the life you’ll lead in the years to come.

Exchange of Rings/Gift (Optional)

Following the vows, you may wish to exchange new rings or another gift.


Since you are already husband and wife, I will speak a few words about the sanctity of marriage and your renewed commitment to each other. This is also when I get the pleasure of saying “You may now kiss.”


The recessional is the exact opposite of the processional. You and your spouse will exit down the aisle together first, followed by close family and the rest of the attendees.

The recessional marks the finish of the vow renewal ceremony.


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