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Naming Services

In 2018, many parents are opting against a formal Christening service and instead choose to go down the path of a naming ceremony to celebrate the birth of their child or children instead. A naming ceremony is a beautiful way of celebrating the birth of your precious new arrival and welcoming them into your family and the world.

A naming ceremony for your child is also an opportunity to declare, among your nearest and dearest, how important being a parent is to you. Many parents choose adult friends or relatives as guideparents, to pledge their special relationship with your newborn child. A naming ceremony is a special and warm occasion for everyone to feel involved, and to offer their individual support in your child’s ongoing development. I make a big effort to customise each naming ceremony especially for your family and your individual beliefs, values and circumstances.

Given the customisation of each ceremony, no set script is needed. Instead, I will be happy to discuss various options with you and guide you based on your wishes for the ceremony. Together, we will create an occasion that’s unique and special for your individual circumstances.

Below is an example of how a naming ceremony might be structured, however any of the below components can be removed or others can be added depending on your wishes and values:

  • Introductions and welcomes
  • Reading or poem
  • Information about the child – their arrival, personality, interests so far
  • Words about the importance and responsibility of parenting
  • Parental promises to the child
  • Importance of wider family (e.g. grandparents, cousins, etc.)
  • Appointment of Guideparents
  • Guideparents’ promises
  • Reasons for the choice of name
  • The naming itself (various forms are possible)
  • Concluding words


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