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Funeral Services

Every life has a story to be told.

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time and its important to have a compassionate funeral celebrant to guide you through the process, to celebrate their life and give them the send-off the deserve. Typical funerals which a celebrant is called upon for are in crematoriums, funeral parlours or are open-air services where ashes are scattered at a favourite location of the deceased.

Preparing a eulogy allows family and friends to paint a picture of the deceased through stories, anecdotes and memories. The story of the deceased is created by a strong understanding of who they were, what they achieved and what they were passionate about in life. Funeral services should not be just a sad affair but a celebration of their time on earth communicated by relaying humorous stories and touching moments in the life of your loved one. Many loved ones like to discuss the special accomplishments, hobbies, careers and the relationships of the deceased in the eulogy.

There are no legally-required inclusions for a funeral service. This means I can work with you to create a ceremony which reflects the nature of your deceased love one, and honours and celebrates their character and the influence he or she had on those around them.

I ensure the service is delivered with total empathy and compassion and is 100% considerate of the wishes of the family.

While there is no strict structure for a funeral service, the below is an example of a general format:

  • Music, either live or recorded
  • A reflection on death and loss
  • Poetry and prose
  • A eulogy, paying tribute to the life and character of the person who has passed away
  • Participation by family and friends who may read tributes, perform music, or read poetry or prose
  • Symbols such as the lighting of candles or the placing of flowers by family members
  • A period of silence and reflection
  • Formal words of goodbye


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